During the month of April, chaos reigned in the Simon household as we prepared to move from Lexington, Ky., to New York City. For weeks, we’d existed in a surreal explosion of cardboard boxes, up to our eyeballs in the bittersweet detritus of 26 years of life in a well-loved home.

Amid the packing, planning, bickering, and emotional meltdowns (mine), work needed to be done, conference calls to be made (Mark’s), interviews to be conducted, and articles to be written. How, then, in the midst of this crunch time, did we find ourselves one morning strolling through a stallion barn at Lane’s End? How could we possibly have spared a moment for something so … enjoyable?

Call it a much-needed moment of peace in a personal world steeply atilt. Or perhaps the Simons simply wanted to pay their respects to an industry icon before it was too late. Either way, there we were.

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