Updated: April 18, 2016

We’ve been very pleased with the response to MR SPEAKER in his first season. He has 110 mares to date and in an effort to close his book, we’re offering late season pricing at $7,500.

The first 20 breeders to take advantage of this late season offer will be eligible for a free, no guarantee TWIRLING CANDY season.



  1. To be eligible for the one (1) TWIRLING CANDY season, participants must sign and return a new Live Foal Stands & Nurse contract for $7,500 to MR SPEAKER.
  2. The first 20 contracts signed and returned to the Lane’s End office will be eligible for the one (1) TWIRLING CANDY season.
  3. Contract holder is eligible for one (1) TWIRLING CANDY season.
  4. The one (1) TWIRLING CANDY season is for 2016 and is NO GUARANTEE.
  5. The one (1) TWIRLING CANDY season is subject to mare approval.
  6. MR SPEAKER contracts are subject to approval by Lane’s End Farm.
  7. Lane’s End reserves the right to accept or refuse any mare without reason.
  8. Existing contracts to MR SPEAKER are not eligible for the TWIRLING CANDY drawing.
  9. Existing contracts to MR SPEAKER are not eligible for discount pricing.
  10. Participants must be in good standing with Lane’s End Farm.
  11. Contract holders will adhere to the terms and conditions of the stallion season contract.
  12. Contracts are subject to sales tax.



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