December 16, 2015

Mr Speaker analysis

Whatever genetic alchemy creates a sire of sires, Pulpit has it. His sons Tapit, Sky Mesa, and Stroll all have far exceeded expectations as sires.

Mr Speaker’s pedigree is very similar to Tapit’s. Both are sons of Pulpit out of mares by the great classic Unbridled, and both have multiple crosses of the great sire and broodmare sire Buckpasser in their pedigrees. Thus it makes sense to encourage breeders to send mares who can produce foals with similar pedigrees to some of Tapit’s best winners.

Tapit’s patterns

Tapit’s 16 G1 winners are out of mares by 15 different stallions, and the only stallion with two is the great sire and broodmare sire Deputy Minister. At this point, there are not many Deputy Minister mares around, and not even that many by his sons Silver Deputy and Dehere, but there are plenty of mares in the breeding pool by Deputy Minister’s best son Awesome Again and his best son Ghostzapper. Awesome Again brings in an important element missing in Mr. Speaker’s pedigree, Blushing Groom, but I would be especially keen on mares by Ghostzapper, since his dam is by Relaunch, by In Reality. Tapit’s dam, Tap Your Heels, is inbred to In Reality, and it should be effective to introduce the same strain in mates for Mr. Speaker, since In Reality worked consistently well with the Unbridled side of Tapit’s pedigree.

Regardless of broodmare sire, adding more In Reality on the bottom side to Tapit’s two crosses has worked really well. The undefeated 2-year-old sensation Mohaymen, as well as GSWs Race Day, Concord Point, Teen Pauline, Prospect Park, and Snowbell all carry an additional cross in their pedigrees.

Other than the ubiquitous Northern Dancer and Mr. Prospector duplications, the other inbreeding targets that have worked frequently with Tapit are Seattle Slew and Nijinsky II. Tapit has sired three G1 winners inbred to Nijinsky II (Tapitsfly, Zazu, Laragh) plus two other GSWs, and two G1 winners inbred to Seattle Slew (Constitution, Frosted), plus four GSWs, including Mohaymen.

Pulpit’s patterns

Pulpit’s pedigree carries only one distant cross of Northern Dancer through Nijinsky II, and Tapit’s dam adds another cross of Nijinsky II, but Mr Speaker’s dam, Salute, by Unbridled, has no Northern Dancer crosses, co Mr Speaker should be an outstanding mate for the thousands of mares in the breeding pool who carry two or three crosses of Northern Dancer. If there is one thing that race results over the last 30 years have shown, it is that you cannot have too much Northern Dancer in a pedigree, so we should give preference to mares heavy in Northern Dancer.

Mr Speaker is already inbred to Mr. Prospector 3×4 through Pulpit’s dam Preach and Unbridled’s sire Fappiano, but those crosses will be in the fourth and fifth generations in the pedigrees of his offspring. There are already thousands of GSWs with multiple crosses of Mr. Prospector, and, like Northern Dancer, that number grows all the time, so it is definitely not something to be avoided.

Missing elements

The powerful influences Private Account and Hoist the Flag are the next two sires after Unbridled along Mr Speaker’s bottom line, but the most important elements missing from Mr Speaker’s pedigree include Storm Cat, Blushing Groom, Roberto, Wild Again, and Deputy Minister, and all of those great sires have appeared regularly on the bottom side of pedigrees of GSWs sired by both Tapit and Pulpit. Wild Again mares are aging out at this point, but two of Pulpit’s 11 G1 winners are out of Wild Again mares and it would be both useful and not difficult to find mares with Wild Again close up in their pedigrees.

It is always a good thing to inbreed to great racemares and broodmares and it would be difficult if not impossible to find such a target any better than Mr Speaker’s second dam Personal Ensign. Unfortunately, it is a bit too early in for there to be many opportunities to do that, but there is another great racemare and broodmare to target, namely Numbered Account, the dam of Personal Ensign’s sire Private Account. There are hundreds of mares in the breeding population with Numbered Account in their pedigree, including numerous descendants of her granddaughter, the great broodmare Got Lucky, which include the hot young sire Super Saver, and his close relative Bluegrass Cat. Mares by Super Saver or Bluegrass Cat should make excellent mates for Mr Speaker.

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